Sci-fi humor, "Adventures In The Seventh and A Halfth Dimension"

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Who Is Airhead?

"Airhead In Spaaaaaaace!"

  My name is Lance Von Prum, creator, writer, artist and illustrator of the "Airhead In Space" trilogy of ebooks and paperbacks available on Amazon/Kindle. I created Airhead while attending The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. More recently, Airhead has become the main character of my "Airhead In Space" series of illustrated science fiction fantasy stories that I've published on Amazon/Kindle. Airhead is a crash test dummy who works for JPL, the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, crashing rockets and spaceships in the twenty-third and a halfth century. These hilarious space opera episodes unfold in nine different dimensions and include Sci-fi humor, like Martians stealing his brain, strange time and space travel, weird planets, a digital goddess, aliens, sexy androids and an ex-wife to spice things up, and provide laugh after laugh.   

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Bizarre, Weird, Strange!

 Seven and a half dimensions couldn't be funnier!

Faster than a speeding rocket ship!

Lightyears funnier than Futurama or Rick and Morty!

"Airhead in space trilogy

"Planet 3" Episode One

Stolen Brains, Space Travel, Strange Planets, Timothy Leary, Martians, Illudians,  a Digital Goddess, Blue Pills and Sex With Your Ex-Wife.

"The Martian Conspiracy" Episode Two

More Stolen Brains, Slimy Tenticled Aliens, Hunter S. Thompson, Time Travel, Robots, Spaceship Crashes, Digital Sex In Seven Dimensions.

"Alice From Wonderland" Episode Three

Brain upgrades, The Underground Basement Resistance, Multi-Colored Aliens, Fantasyland, Ridley Scott, More Blue Pills and Sex In Space!

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